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Social Media Marketing Packages

SMO Packages


USD 350


USD 550


USD 1050
Channel Any 2 Channel Optimization Any 3 Channel Optimization Any 5 Channel Optimization
Identify Business Goals
Identify Business Goals
Account Management Any 2 Platforms Any 3 Platforms Any 5 Platforms
Analyze Your Audiences
Create Social Media Calendar
Create a Content Strategy
Identify Hashtags
Social Trending

Profile Optimization
Creative Image 8 10 15
FB Timeline Status Posting 15 20 40
Post Sharing in Groups 5 7 10
Cover Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Group Creation 1 2
Group Join 3 5
Targeted Page Likes 8 to 10%** 10% to 12%** 13%+**
Video Sharing(provided by client)
Call To Action Button One Time One Time One Time
Facebook Review Postings
Polls Creation & Management
Facebook Insight Monitoring
Deleting of unwanted spam
Traffic Monitoring Through Google Analytics
Sponsored Ads (Additional Cost)

Profile Optimization
Tweets Posting 15 20 40
Targeted Twitter Followers Increase
Background Image Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Cover Photo Creative and Upload 1 1 2
Lists Creation
Sponsored Tweets(Additional Cost)
#hashtag Trend Research
Twitter Analytics Monitoring

Profile Optimization
Linkedin Post Sharing 15 20 40
Targeted Linkedin Connection
Company Page Creation One Time One Time One Time
Company Page Follower Increase
Company page creative banner 1 1 2
Profile Connection Build up
Relevant Group Joining 1 2
Post Sharing in Groups 15 20
Linkedin Performance Review
Linkedin Pulse Posting 1 2

Youtube Channel Optimization
Channel Creative Upload
Video Uploads(provided by client) 5 10 15
Video Promotion 10 20 30
Video Title & Meta Optimization
Thumbnail Creative for Videos
Youtube Subscribers
Youtube Discussion Posting 10 20 30
Youtube Video Views
Comment Moderation

Email, Chat, Phone
Project Management Tool Tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time will it take to see the results coming?

The actual time cannot be depicted prior any analysis. We first need to carry out a thorough analysis on your website to evaluate the weak areas. After this, we shall be able to share an estimate on time with you.

How will I know my progress?

After initial analysis, we will share an estimated time and the relevant keywords in focus. We will also share the weekly and monthly reports with you to keep you in touch. You may ask for even more frequent reports if you want.

Will SEO help to boost my business?

Yes! SEO is a planned strategy that finds out the most optimal keywords searched by your target customers and works on them. A SEO will help you rank higher and be found over the search engines.

Will you promote my business on social media?

Social media marketing is not majorly a part of SEO. You can take a customized package to include social media marketing in your SEO campaign.

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