DevOps and the application lifecycle

DevOps Development Company.

DevOps and the application lifecycle

As a leading DevOps consulting partner, we offer continuous software delivery services through end-to-end infrastructure automation. Navprosoft helps you design, build and manage your software resources while increasing uptime. Our state-of-the-art DevOps practices combined with IT infrastructure monitoring enable you to offer outstanding experiences to your users. We help you release quality software faster.

Navprosoft offers automation through AWS, Azure and DevOps infrastructure implementation to reduce complexities of manual and scripting efforts. Through the integration of DevOps operations, we also eliminate software development errors for mobile and web applications. Our DevOps services are best-in-class in the industry as we are experienced to work across the major Infrastructure as Code Tools to meet your needs. We take up the holistic management approach so that you can drive operational stability in your organization.


Why Choose Navpro For DevOps

Our experts have extensive knowledge in building and automating cloud infrastructure across AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. We also build cloud-agnostic infrastructure and solutions for your users. This improved collaboration and productivity is also integral to achieving business goals like these::

  • Accelerating time to market
  • Adapting to the market and competition
  • Maintaining system stability and reliability
  • Improving the mean time to recovery


As an organization that has been in business even before the birth of Selenium, we pride on wide expertise, having done automation with commercial as well as open source tools. We grew as Selenium grew – so we have alongside built robust test automation frameworks that leverage Selenium and Java, in offering rich out of box solutions to our clients. We have also leveraged all components of Selenium to be able to provide both smart and fast automation solutions in short Agile cycles. Integrating Selenium suite of tests, with other tools and frameworks such as AxE, we offer combinatorial testing for areas such as Accessibility, Security leveraging a single suite of Selenium test scripts. We continuously evolve, innovate and update ourselves with the industries’ best practices enabling us pass on that value to our end clients. We also have an active R&D team focusing on newer frameworks and plugins, built on Selenium to continue to give a leading edge to our clients in the automation we deliver.

Selenium Software is not just a single tool but a suite of software, each piece catering to different Selenium QA testing needs of an organization. Here is the list of tools

  • Selenium Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
  • Selenium Remote Control (RC)
  • WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid


You can Hire Java Developers in India from us who can leverage their comprehensive experience of working with J2EE to rapidly design and deliver custom solutions for Large and Small Enterprises. Our Extensive experience with Java Web Development Services allows us to craft Robust and Speedy Web Applications quickly and without issues. We leverage our expertise as a Java Development Company to deliver high quality, fast & reliable Java-based solutions tailored for your project in a timely manner. You can be assured of the best quality possible when you hire Java Developers India from Navprosoft.

You can build Fast and secure websites and web apps with our expertise in Offshore Java Development web services. Navpro has vast experience with Java Development Services allows us to create custom Java code that perfectly suits your project.

We will use our extensive expertise with Java Development services to create intuitive, efficient and robust CMS’ for your business.


We're excited to have a growing presence in India, home to some of the best technology talent in the world and our Centre of Excellence in Hyderabad. With additional offices in Bangalore, Mumbai, Navprosoft plays a crucial role in the development of our company's technology and products, and assists in the success of our customers as well as our growing developer community of more than 1 million Trailblazers. According to IDC, the Salesforce Economy will provide over 548,400 new direct jobs in India from 2019 through 2024.

Salesforce application development services aim to power specific sales, marketing, customer service processes regular Salesforce CRM cannot address. In CRM development since 2008, Navprosoft can deliver reliable custom Salesforce apps and apps for AppExchange tailored to your unique business needs.

Power BI

We bring all business data sources together, be it third-party integrated platforms, IoT sensors, or other.

Our Power BI experts design, build, and deploy Power BI to make it a feature-packed tool for your business needs that delivers value for your teams from first day itself. We use the results to prepare the implementation roadmap, set up and roll out Power BI in incremental and transparent stages. Our professionals start by delivering full-scale business analysis services together with technological assessment. We also offer services of integrating Power BI visualizations into your external portals to help you make your embedded Power BI analytics visible to your partners and vendors who don’t use the platform. We deliver full-scale report and dashboard customization to help you get a multi-dimensional perspective of all your data sets while staying within your branded environment.


We help all the shape and size of businesses to solve their challenges with gratifying and meaningful SAP Software Solutions.

Navpro is an SAP Development Company that provides customized software, web, mobile, and blockchain development services that are user-friendly for our customers and all their clients. We have a team of over 55+ developers who have industry-specific knowledge and can provide clients solutions to all their problems. We have served over 100+ customers and are on a mission to create software that will maximize your business efficiency. As an SAP services company, Epnovate aims to provide simple technological solutions that can be used without any hassle so that you can continue your digital transformation with minimum investment and maximum ROI.